MSCC Bronka:

Terminal Facilities:

  • all kind of rolled and general cargo handling;
  • 2500 cars & 400 vehicle units storage capacity;
  • around-the-clock work (24hours/7days);
  • portal cranes with payload up to 76 tones (for double cranes);
  • railroad facilities;
  • up to 50 refrigeration units electrical plug facilities;
  • dangerous cargo handling facilities;
  • 9000 sq.m. of the covered warehouse;
  • up to 6,5 m width oversized cargo handling.

Entrance Procedure:

  1. Entrance request should be applied the day before arrival by the e-mail:, or by the phone: +7 (812) 740-54-55.

  2. Driver should get the confirmation from the Border Control office. It is situated at the 34, Kalinina street.

  3. Driver should go to the Trans-Log Pass office at the 1, Shotlandskaya street to get the Sea Port access pass. Maximum free parking time is 2 hours.

  4. Truck should enter the Sea Port through Gapsalskie gates during 45 minutes after getting the Sea Port access pass.